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Queer Books Across America: Incredible Lesbian and Bisexual Novels and Memoirs Set in Every State

Can you tell us more? Thank you so much! Poor Holtzy. I love this list!!! I have watched so many garbage lez movies that I began to lose hope in good ones. And The Devil Wears Prada? Or was that just me? I was the same age as Elin and Agnes when the film came out in , living in the same kind of community in the same culture, and my school had a private screening at the cinema. Like Agnes, I was bullied and depressed. I had a crush on a girl sitting on the opposite end of that screening. I was terrified that I might be a lesbian, because one more thing that made me different and made my life difficult was more than I could handle.

Well worth watching. I am personally over all the depressing films we usually get served and love it when we get a half decent flick that has a happy ending and is fun to watch. Especially when it was a joke come up by an 11 year old CHILD that like call certain humans by the trinomial name of our species because I knew it would make them tattle on me like 6 year old and get laughed at by the teacher.

And like, any decent punner knows you get some creative license to stretch the meanings of the words being punned. Chassis, you realize that the person who called you a jackass me is a completely different user than the person who you acted like a jackass to, right?

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All About E was ok. But the other characters were ok. It had a happy ending. I think my number one is probably the Handmaiden. I just loved that movie. I love seeing movies like that in a theater full of straight people which I did. I like to look at them react to the graphic sex.

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And as a black queer 20something in Brooklyn… even though Alike was a teenager, I felt so seen in her story. A moment in time. Finding a movie rental place ah, the days of vcrs and dvds that had a queer section was a blessing and a curse. So many hopeful nights that ended in horrified disbelief! I love that Saving Face made it in the top 3. I remember liking a movie about Thanksgiving maybe? There was cooking. With Julianna Margulies and Kyra Sedgwick. I remember sharing it widely on social media when the movie first premiered.

It was the most comfortable and honest I have ever seen QL in a movie, and it was a magnificent sight to behold.


Also the queer history of the Harlem Renaissance is not highlighted nearly enough- in either queer or black circles. That is one of the biggest tearjerkers of all time. High up there with Beaches on my list for female friendship movies that will both empower you and tear your heart up and you will love so much that you will watch it again and again and again.

Could also be that I have a soft spot for magic realism When Night is Falling! I know what you mean. Well done!! This is reminding me that I need to buy Saving Face on dvd already, man. I can only check it out from the library so many times before it gets ridiculous. No The World Unseen? I also think DEBS should be higher…at least in the top Glad you included Circumstance…such a good movie. And who thought Hayely was super gay.

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Like something about it has an air of creepiness and not really in a good way. I did like the acting though. I mean bless Logo. But good LORD. Thanks for providing me a good little read: really fucking awesome list! Happy Feb. I made you a thing because I love you. Maybe that is the one I am thinking about, but i could have sworn there was on on netflix featuring lesbians. No, no, HaBuah made me cry like a baby. Same case with this one.

The Best Lesbian, Queer & Bisexual Movies Of All Time | Autostraddle - Page 2

I will say this a forewarning, but Amiee and Jaguar made me cry for like 2 hours straight after watching it. Really, tragic story that was well acted.

Because based on my fuzzy memory I would definitely put it on this list. It is cheesy and I love it. Cheesy lesbian romance AND food porn! Was Farewell, My Queen that blatantly gay?

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I remember it as subtext-ish. Blue is the Warmest Color I could not watch in 1 sitting, it took about 5 stops and starts to get through that one. DEBS at 37, come on!


Yeah the green screen was a hot mess but that made it funnier. Freeheld at 7, really? I also wished I had known about this.. Although technically not a theatrical release, it was a pioneer in positive depiction of a lesbian relationship.


PrideIndex.com announced 4 additional recipients of the 2011 Esteem Awards

Hell no. It should be included in a future update. While made for Showtime, it had a short theatrical run..